Thrive Recipe Challenge

I recently received my THRIVE COOKBOOK from Shelf Reliance.  Because I signed up as a consultant, I received some nifty pantry cans (quart sizes of all of the #10 can products) so that I could demonstrate the food at “Parties”.

Now, I wasn’t born a good cook.  In fact, I’ve been known to burn water…more than once.  So, while I was excited to receive my new cookbook and try it out, my family was very apprehensive about the whole thing.

I decided that if I was going to make a serious “go” at this business, I better learn to cook with it and actually become good at it.

So, this is my personal challenge to myself:  I’m going to make at least one recipe, if not two or three, each week and blog about my experience with it.  I figure, if I can make it work then I’ll be able to show others how to make it work for them.

I’ll attempt my first recipe tonight, so check back later this evening for the start of my “Thrive Recipe Challenge!”

Blessings and Sleep Well,